About The Film

Startup Community is a film about what makes Waterloo Region different. We’re talking to local entrepreneurs and finding out how our region made them succeed in a way that no other place could have.

We’re talking to people that have helped local non-profits make their first $10,000, built multi-million dollar businesses from their parents’ basements, as well as the people behind 60 million hit YouTube videos.

Welcome to life here.




“Twenty years ago, no one would have believed the Waterloo Region would blossom into the most vibrant technology start-up community in Canada”
- USA Today

“It comes down to good entrepreneurs, good ideas and the support of the community,” 
- Jim Balsillie, Co-Founder of BlackBerry

“Tech in Waterloo Region has grown to a $30-billion industry.” 
- Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech



Who’s making this

Taylor Jackson (@taylorjackson) (pictured above)  is an accomplished photographer and filmmaker. His photos helped create the brand for American Idol, he has photographed crazy pop groups in Tokyo, and shoots the occasional hot dog photo at his favourite pub in Waterloo.

Lindsay Coulter has worked for the University of Waterloo Research + Technology Park, Sustainable Waterloo Region, started her first business at 17, and is the current Miss Oktoberfest.  Lindsay studied Sustainable Local Economic Development at the University of Waterloo.

Nicole McCallum is a Sessional Lecturer at University of Guelph and co-founder of http://greenrocket.ca/

Tech businesses in Waterloo Region are different. It’s a place where business isn’t a competition, it’s a compilation of ideas. We collaborate and inspire each other – and we all get excited to watch each other succeed.

This short documentary (approximately 30 minutes) goes behind the scenes of the local tech community and shows the world why we’re different.

indiegogo backers screen it first!

The film will be completed by September to meet film festival deadlines, but those festivals don’t premiere until 2014.

For only $8, each backer will get to screen the film at least three months before film festival audiences. Plus, everyone that backs this film for $8 or more gets their name in the credits for helping us produce this film. 

Financial Support:

The cost of production is only around $6,000, but in order for us to properly share the story of Waterloo Region with the world we need to raise $15,000. If you or your company would like to support the project, please visit our fundraising page. You can be part of something amazing for as low as $8! http://igg.me/at/StartupCommunityKitchenerWaterloo

Where the money goes

Well, here’s where it doesn’t go. You’re not paying for any new camera gear. We already have all the equipment we need to shoot and create this film. The biggest expense is going to be getting this film out into the world. This film will be the proof that Waterloo Region is one of Canada’s fastest growing economic regions. For businesses looking to recruit world class talent, for politicians wanting to continue to build a vibrant and sustainable society, and for those wanting to show off what an incredible region we live in, this film will help tell a story you could never tell in a 30 minute conversation.

One of the ways we’d like to share our story is through entering film festivals, and fees range from $40-80 per festival submission. Beyond that, we need to hire some talented people to help us spread it even further than we can do on our own. While basic production of this film will only cost around $6000, we need at least another $9000 in marketing dollars to help us put our film, and Waterloo Region in front of more eyes all over the world.

Backer Reward Levels

For as little as $8, all backers will be able to download and screen the film in October 2013, at least 3 months before film festival audiences. Plus all backers get their name in the credits.

If you want to help out even more check out the rest of the rewards. DVDs and film posters as well as Associate Producer, and Executive Producer credits.

We also have levels for local companies and organizations to get involved. The more money that comes in, the more exposure this project is going to get. We need some large support to help us make something bigger than just us.

Thank you so much!

We’re really excited to tell this story. Everyone on our journey has been collaborative and supportive, and this project couldn’t happen without the collective support of our community. So thank you.

If you have a great KW tech or startup story email us!

Risks and Challenges

Creating a documentary is about being flexible. We’ve already encountered most challenges with this project and have found creative solutions to push past them.
This film will be made. If anything delays the production backers will still get to see it first.

If this film interests you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The more interest we have the better the film is going to be, and the more impact it will have when the world finally sees it for the first time. Thank you so much for any support!

If you’d like to help out financially, please visit our campaign: here: http://igg.me/at/StartupCommunityKitchenerWaterloo

Thank you for helping us tell the world about Waterloo Region.